Ben, our massage therapist, has been practicing massage for over 18 years, providing services to visitors from abroad and local residents. Ben will release tension in knots and trigger points to relieve stress and rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul. Bilingual in English and Japanese. Full body massages are done in a dedicated, private room.
  1. NEW! Super Ben´s Firm Shiatsu Massage - It´s Fantastic! $79 (70 min) $109 (90 min)
    Experience a world class therapeutic massage to rid knots and circulate blood flow, in the comfort and privacy of our massage room. Ben alleviates pain with traditional Japanese Shiatsu, a deep tissue massage. Ben is a licensed massage therapist and Shiatsu expert with over 18 years of industry experience.
  2. NEW! Super Ben Deep Tissue Massage $89 (70 min) $119 (90 min)
    Therapeutic massage by Ben to locate and alleviate pain and knots from fatigued and tense muscles. Will enhance flexibility, range of motion, blood circulation, and help prevent injuries from occuring. Customizable to target problematic areas for faster recovery. Will benefit professional and amateur athletes, weekend enthusiasts, and excessive exercise at the gym. Oil/lotion used.
  3. NEW! Super Ben Sports Massage $89 (70 min)
    Many beneficial effects come from Ben´s Sports Massage. A popular choice for pre-performance or post-performance, elite athletes to weekend warriors. Find increased joint range of motion, flexibilty, muscle tension, blood flow and better sleep. Massage can be tailored to target a problematic area for decreased recovery time.
  4. NEW! Super Ben Reflexology Foot Massage 30 min $39
    Reflexology will release tension in your tired feet and legs. Ben will locate tension/knot and stimulate trigger points to relieve the tightness and soreness, applying theories from both Reflexology and Acupuncture, to obtain the best possible results and decrease swelling and pain.
  5. Super Ben Head, Shoulders, Feet, Hands Massage 15 min $15~